Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm on the CD with issue #34 in the FXPose section. Check it out.

Here's a screen cap. Also, I realize now that I forgot to turn off a layer on the pic with the robot before sending it to them, so the area around the baby is all screwed up. There's another reason not to work with layers. Turns into a freaking headache so often.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Concept stuff

I've got permission to show a couple of things from my concept art gig. Mostly just sketches and nothing that's really defined. So here are a bunch of space ships. I don't know if I've ever drawn a space ship before this so it was kind of tough since I don't have a mental database of the doo hickeys that go on these. I think 8 of these 30 are going to be taken to the next step. Probably only a couple will actually make it to getting model sheets made.
Also, the concept art gig gave me a raise, woo hoo!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Figure Drawings

I get to go to a nice little sketchgroup every Tuesday and draw the nude figure with some of the best portrait and landscape painters in Cincinnati. So usually I have to hide these drawings from them.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dear Corel Painter

Corel breaks my heart with Painter every time. I first began using Painter when version 8 was released and used it exclusively for about a year or two around the time I was a freshman/soph0more in college. Classes never touched on it, except for one project where we used Painter to create animations so I had to teach myself. I loved the idea of it and it proved much quicker and easier than painting with real media so I stuck with it for a while since I couldn't find how to make photoshop look less digital. I was somehow able to look past the lag, loading times, and small image sizes (larger files seemed to kill the program).

Then I started running into problems with a program file corrupting, which was a common problem and meant having a duplicate ready at all times, prepared to drop back into the program file folder. Then I noticed that saving as riffs and going back and forth between file types left unpredictable artifacts and would frequently create corrupted files.There were so many things to complain about but the artifacts and corrupted files finally caused me to start using more and more Photoshop until eventually I stopped using Painter altogether.

Skip to this week. A co-worker has been insisting that I would love Painter X and so with some reluctance I downloaded the demo. With the friend's help I've been able to discover work arounds for many of Painter's issues and horrible interface. The speed of the program almost isn't an issue anymore except for with some brushes where it has to determine brush angles to build the brush before use. Occasionally you'll be running full speed and trip over that program feature and it will tick you off but overall I was beginning to believe I'd misjudged the Corel and perhaps they did have a dependable product. So today I decided to actually work on a low-pressure piece in Painter so that I could get more accustomed to it and decide whether I might actually want to buy it. So cut to now, after working an hour or so on this piece for my mother, Painter has randomly chosen to freeze up. The work was lost and I'm sitting here kicking myself in the ass for yet again trusting corel. Maybe they named it Painter X because it's like some sort of awful ex that you continue to return to because you think maybe they've changed but they're still the same ol' ass with a different haircut.