Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm on the CD with issue #34 in the FXPose section. Check it out.

Here's a screen cap. Also, I realize now that I forgot to turn off a layer on the pic with the robot before sending it to them, so the area around the baby is all screwed up. There's another reason not to work with layers. Turns into a freaking headache so often.


[ad7m] said...

Congrats bro! You should post up a screenshot or something.

Joe Slucher said...

Screencap up.

Richard J. Luschek II said...

Great job Joe. You are famous.
Next thing you know you will be answering questions in Imagine FX that people send in. Like: "How do I make fairies look more fairy like?"

As you know, I am a total Photoshop master. Here is a little tip that I have learned over the years that would have totally helped with your issue.
If you go in the Layers area of the menu, go down and there is this thing called Flatten Image. Do that, then save as a jpeg.

I am always ready to share my genius.

Joe Slucher said...

The problem was that I blindly went down to flatten image, assuming I didn't have any goof ball experiment layers on.