Friday, March 13, 2009

Page 6 Panel 3

Fooling around with the graphic novel stuff I'm doing for fun. In my previous picture of Elorgo, he belonged in a gay pride parade because I swear I tried to paint a rainbow on his face. I'm really embarrassed by those colors now. Will have to re-work that piece for when GenCon rolls around again because I officially have a booth. I haven't felt much self-loathing showing my portfolio for the past couple of years but I have a feeling that having a booth and seeing some of my stuff larger is going to make me weep. hah hah. It's good for me though.

This could still use some work. I'm really not prone to doing action shots. Need to get better and make figures feel less stiff. Little zoom focus might help. The little manga background tries to help the sense of action.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A garreth is about to start scrubbing and polishing a red dragon's rear. Another sketch done for Art Order. Wanted to do something that looked reptilian. Last minute addition of ears sort of destroyed that and made it look less iguana and more cow-like. Kind of like that it's more difficult to define now. Anyways, I liked the idea of these little guys just being decked out in treasure from these red dragons. So much so, that they'd become mundane. P.S. I know the helm of brilliance only looks like that when worn so no need to point out the inaccuracy. Just wanted a very fancy helmet used as a bucket and as a scale reference.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Jon Schindehette prompted a weekly sketch over on his blog where people try to imagine an evolved cockatrice. I guess the last time I'd heard of a cockatrice was back in the early days of Magic the Gathering and I remembered it being a long, thin thing so I was surprised to see Jon's example was a compact and stout beast. Anyways, just sort of tackled this without wracking my brain too much. Wanted to keep that compact design though.

This is a sketch in my new moleskine. Absolutely loving it. I had to do a bunch of sketches for Aberrant to be used as final illustrations and it was a real joy working in this sketchbook. Paper can take a LOT of erasing, you can draw easily across pages (needed since it's small), and it's just a real comfortable size to have in your hands while watching TV,sitting in a car,sitting in a restaurant,etc. Pages are off-white which I normally love but I can't get it to take prismacolors.
P.S. Updated my website. Took some stuff off and put up some stuff. Still waiting for some art to come out from under NDA and then I'll be posting it.