Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thumbnail Revisions.

I'm still fooling with the thumbnails for the piece I'm doing on my own. Thought I had one picked out but it was a night scene. It seems like people prefer brighter prints and I offer way too many dark prints. Plus it's a lighting situation I've done a hundred times. Probably fell into it out of comfort. So I turned it into a day shot and changed things a bit. It's still the front runner. Thought I'd also fool with the other composition some and see if I couldn't pull something useful out of those. The city in the sky in the images are photos that I do not own the copyright to. They are just thrown in as placeholders for the purpose of these thumbnails. The one with the woman on the chinese dragon is really strange composition-wise. Probably shouldn't have those little triangles in the corner. People love dragons so that might work out from a commercial stand point. At the same time I still kind of like the girl in the tree as it feels like a white and green card from M:TG and that can't hurt the portfolio. If I decide to go that route though, I probably need to have a quicker read. The dragon concept keeps getting my interest though because it's basically two values so it makes for a really quick read. Which do you think has more potential?


jon said...

I obviously don't know what I'm talking about, but the chicks foot riding the dragon seems really childish. Positioned that way. Just my 2-cents. I'm diggin the newskycomp.

Joe Slucher said...

Yeah I think her pose would be changed by the end so that she's positioned more like she's riding a horse with the outstretched arms perhaps being replaced by a scarf as I like her silhouette stretching out.

I think I may have made it a bit childish because I'd recently been looking at some work by TravistheBean.