Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sketch night

Managed to make it to sketch night two weeks in a row! Things are going good. About to switch over to page rate rather than hourly on the webcomic which I think will mean making more money. A company that I've done a decent amount of work,and am still doing stuff, for just released a couple of images from the product line I'm on and it looks like I'm in damn good company. It's from a lesser known company spending some good money so I hope it's a huge hit because it looks like the artwork is going to be stellar. Finishing up a book cover. Lined up a lot of chapter opener illustrations and monster illustrations for the guys who do Secrets of Pact Magic that will have me busy through 2012. I've got a big private commission that just told me they were okay with it taking 6 months so I've hired some models and it looks like I'm going to try to do it as a 46 inch wide oil painting on masonite and I'm just going to try to show it for the first time at GenCon. Really looking forward to GenCon this year. I just went through and wrote down my top 20 pieces for determining my portfolio and 14 of them are images that weren't in my portfolio last year. Most of those are stuff that's under NDA produced in the last 4 months and will hopefully be released by GenCon. Hopefully that big of a rotation in the portfolio will fire up even more work that's better than ever at GenCon.  Also, just sent in my verification for SDCC and am looking forward to being at the CarpeChaos booth and visiting San Diego for the first time. Also just completed(besides for layout) art directing another product from Dark Skull Studios. So basically things are going super duper awesome. An hourly gig that is regular, an occasional hourly gig, a diverse amount of freelance with distant deadlines that pay upon completion, and more sophisticated art orders like the book cover. That's sort of the dream assortment right there that means there won't be a point where it's ever famine in the next 12 months. Plus it looks like I'm going to thoroughly trounce last years income. Hopefully I've hit that tipping point where that slight increase in pay means more time on the work which means better pieces which subsequently leads to a better portfolio and better pay and more time on work and better work which leads to a better portfolio which leads to better pay which leads to more pay which leads to more time on work which leads to better work which.......

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life Drawing

Looks like I've been avoiding fee the last couple of sessions of life drawing. I'll have to do some studies next time.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Some lines for two private commissions. Not super tight. Lately I've been doing really tight pencils on toned paper before finals. Might do the same with these and add some more details before going to paint. I had originally planned on trying the second one as a large oil painting but I'm just not going to have the time. On the up side, this means that I think I'll be doing some livestreams again for these. So keep an eye on my twitter if you want to catch those events. So much to do. Maybe in the next couple of months I'll be able to post some of the other top secret stuff. Should be posting another sketch that's for the cover of a fantasy novel sometime soon.