Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sketch Night 1/18/12

Made it to sketch group again last night. Thanks Chris Pritchard for the new sketchbook recommendation. It's a nice big Utrecht sketchbook with toned paper. Most of the toned paper sketchbooks I've seen have really rough or scratch pages. This one is nice and smooth.

Also, I'm contacting artists to see if they'd like a table at Forge Con in Lexington in May. Tables are $50. Here's a promo commercial Forge has made. It's good and silly. Forge has also been named a can't miss convention of 2012 by Nicole Bremer Nash over at Tech Republic. Contact me if you're interested in a table.


Michael Prescott said...

Just gotta say that I always look forward to your blog posts, however simple. You've posted some real gems over the years!

Joe Slucher said...

Thanks Michael! I hope to be making lots of posts with art this year.