Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zbrush efforts

So I've come a long ways on zbrush but I still have a really hard time with hard surface stuff.
I thought I could append a zsphere subtool go to rigging>select mesh and then draw out new topology to clean it up.
Edit:Okay apparently I don't understand how quads work. I figured all of the shapes needed to have four straight sides. I didn't realize that even if the line is straight, and point is added on that line it is considered to have five sides. ugggggh. In terms of logic that makes no sense to me.


Jan said...

It's perfectly logical - a side of a polygon is an edge between two points. ;) if two of these edges are in one line, no matter, they're still two separate sides.


Joe Slucher said...

I just can't help but picture a cube with a line drawn across the surface of one side and that means two of the adjacent sides are now 5 sided rather than 4 sided.

Anyways, 3D-coat cleared things up. I don't think I'll ever try manually retoping again. Seems like an impossibly huge headache. My tutorial vid had made it seem like the easiest thing ever.