Thursday, June 7, 2012


So I think this one is done or at least I'm ready to move on. I came up with this composition and questioned whether I was a mad man. "A tree cutting the image in half? That sounds like an absolutely disastrously bad idea! It's so crazy that I'd have to have big giant harry ones to even attempt it." "Now you're just daring me to do it." "No I assume you're smarter than that." "You don't know me.Me." "I bet you won't make the center of the image into an asterisk." "Damn you I'll do whatever the hell I want."
Then while I'm working on it, it's like that family guy episode. Audio.


Michael Prescott said...

You took a huge risk with the composition, very interesting.

The sense I get is that a lot of 'energy' is going out the bottom right of the picture. The sandy path is so bright, and I think it's not balanced by the rest of the picture. (Perhaps a sunbeam striking the tree with the cat to the right of Mr. Goggles?) Also, Mr. Tats is looking toward that light, further drawing my attention that way, and his lead foot points to the brightest corner. (Perhaps if he were looking up toward the viewer it would enclose the pic a bit? Or perhaps some forest debris on the ground to break up the bright, unbroken path out of the bottom right?)

Gunslinger and Goggles, especially, are doing an awesome job of looking surprised - hands tense, crouched to run, heads twisted to look at something unexpected. Also, the way that Goggles is just drawing a weapon really sells the moment. Tats looks wearily threatening, as if to ward off a potential attacker walking toward them down the path. Sonja looks bored or annoyed, somehow? (I think it's the relaxed knife arm, making her expression say, "Now what?".) Legolas' stance is very stiff; he's been there for several minutes, and is thinking of offering one of them a biscuit.

Those are my crits - overall, it's really impressive. The drapery on Mr. Goggles is fantastic - his sleeve blows my mind! This is inspiring for me.

SaintHax said...

Interesting comment. The more I see this pic, the more I really like the tree in the middle. It and the lighting pulls you to Tats, but then the hidden details makes your eyes wander. I also agree with Michael, that Goggles is amazing in detail and pose.

Over all an amazing picture. I think Michael has some good points for really drilling down into the pic-- except the lighted path. I disagree with that. I think it still works with the energy.

Michael, if Mr Tat's was looking in a different direction, and without the tilted chin.... would that maybe fix what you see with the lighted path? He he was to bring the viewer to a new location with his gaze?