Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here's a cropped off version of a piece that I'm working on. So this is a little less than half the image. I was hoping to finish it today but it wouldn't cooperate. It should be done tomorrow. This was actually commissioned in greyscale but from now on I'm trying to do everything in color for myself in case it's useful in a portfolio. The rest of the comp has three more characters in it and little critters are going to be added lurking in the environment. It's a complex piece. Starting to feel the financial pinch of putting more time into this stuff and therefor making less money. I have to remember that I expected this. I had forgotten that making little money creates a real sense of anxiety/feeling of lesser worth. Just have to keep my eye on the prize so to speak though and hope these couple of months lead to something great.

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Michael Prescott said...

Very cool. I recognize that weapon! You doing zbrush sculptures as references?

Something I've noticed in a few paintings is that every now and again a figure will have a very highly saturated shadow somewhere. This time it's the tattooed guy's stomach/waist. It's a rich, nutty brown that stands out quite a bit. (I think the shadow would be less saturated, but in general I think a lot of pale light would be coming off that light, sandy soil.) His face has a bit that too.

(The general effect makes me wonder if I'm seeing some of your process - blocking in saturated base colors then working up from there?)

The elf's right heel looks a little too far forward somehow.

The man's hands, feet and expression are fantastic. I especially love how the light falls on his weapon hand, and the contrast on his forearm, and the elf's arm behind it.