Tuesday, July 31, 2012


No art this time just an update. I've still got these two full-time job opportunities that are rolling around and hopefully one of them will come through. One involves a lot of travel and more managing of art stuff rather than creating and the other is in Philly. The big freelance job that has had contracts signed is really exciting though and at the same time intimidating because there will be no excuse if the work I do for it isn't stellar. I'm getting paid what I'd probably get paid to create a M:tG card and I'm being given a lengthy time frame. I also pitched several illustration concepts to this client (rather than them approaching me) and they loved them all and to my surprise basically asked which I'd like to do first. So there's no reason this shouldn't be my absolute best work to date. A bit scary as it's never been more apparent that my work needs to rival the artwork in M:tG. I'm excited though as I feel like I'm at the top of this big  wheel and I've just got to take another step or two before I reach that tipping point and it starts rapidly rolling and carrying me off to great new things.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zbrush sculpting

I finished up a Zbrush sculpt for Dark Skull Studios. This will be manufactured at 45mm and will be a kickstarter reward. After decimation this cam in just under 600k polygons so I might add another 600k for portfolio purposes. It was a lot of fun. It's one of those rare cases where wrestling with new tools is actually fun because you feel like a genius every time you solve a problem. It looks like Blogger downgrades the video quality in the blog so you can follow this link if you really want to see what's going on http://joeslucher.com/Images/firegod4.mov

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dog Show

Finished that piece. Pretty happy with it.

I might have some of this strange thing called "free time" this month and I'm just overwhelmed with how I'd like to spend it.
I've got about 8 sketches I'd like to render. I'd like to do some environments. I'd like to do some studies for practically the first time since college. I could enter one of those ImagineFX contests as it might be kind of neat to get in the mag or participate in a CoW over at CA. It might also be fun to do some fan art like a Stitch zbrush sculpt or Captain Bloth sculpt or an Avatar illustration. As soon as I begin to work on any of these an irresistable job will come by and spoil it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Another tavern/bar scene. Almost done. Just need to do the background which I'm really going to try to put as little detail as possible into. I need to get better with my economy of strokes.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Around the table

I finished that illustration. I'm not super happy with it. I think a big part of it is just the scene. The saloon/tavern is kind of an unexciting environment and conversations don't make for the most dramatic images. I think everybody on the sun has followed the same approach as me and focused on the lighting. Rango has a great saloon scene that really focuses on the light. Anyways, I decided to look up great artwork of conversations in my inspiration folder and to sort of look at approaches that perhaps worked better. Every illustration has different requirements so I'm not saying I could have done what these artists did but it's more to tell myself that better artwork can be made of these multi-figure combined with low drama scenes.

Here's how my illo turned out.

Here's a bunch of artwork by talented people.
 Dean Cornwell.Interesting picture. Focuses on patterns. Flips the norm of having the focal point have all the color. Instead focal point is the calm spot without much chroma.
 Rembrandt? Baby thought balloons and baby light. Bull going "wtf". Still, bringing all of the figures in tight to make a little circle really keeps me in the center and going round and round.
 Tadema? I suspect that the colors are faded in this reproduction and the dark clothed figure on the right also had a more of a cool temp to his drapery. I think this was likely another case of lots of saturation everywhere and then it's all sucked out in the figure on the right.
 Cornwell again. That streak of blue is really interesting.
Cornwell again. Purple and yellow. Another interesting streak but white this time.
 Tim Hilderbrandt. Anachronism
 Tadema. All eyes on white.
 Tadema. Nice figure grouping on the right.
 Tadema. Strange composition. Very strange. I wish I could ask about the reasoning.
 Cornwell. Those cast shadows and strong cool colors of the guy in shadow really make this for me.
 Cornwell.I like the angle and the poses. Not sure why everybody seems to lack expression or seem to be focusing on anything.
 Rockwell. Seems like the gaze of all of the characters make this work.
 Rockwell. Again with the gazes. Not sure I'd still think this one works if it weren't for Rockwell's rendering ability.
 Rembrandt sketch? Look at that table kicking up light like a boss. Good moment in the scene. Perhaps I should have talked the client into doing a shot of the characters shaking hands or joining swords like here. Or cheersing each other.
 Tadema. Light figure on dark ground talking to dark figure on white ground. Kind of yin yang design.
Tadema. Interesting division of the composition.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This one is coming along slower than expected. I ended up going darker than I originally planned.
I'll make the announcement about that job once the company announces my position or when the first check clears. I begin in the middle of August. I'll talk more about it then.