Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I tend to tailor my workflow to each illustration assignment and now I'm wondering if I should perhaps create  a more strict process for myself. My process is currently completely unpredictable I feel like I have peeks and valleys in my quality and I feel absolutely terrible when I'm in a valley. Anyways, I'm going to start writing down and keeping track of the time on each step. Hopefully this way, it will give me some hard data for seeing where I'm wasting time and where I sometimes fail to put enough time and what processes get the best results for me. Totally left brained approach but these valleys kill my morale.

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Michael Prescott said...

Speaking of differing processes, I find myself going one of two ways - either I'm feeling brave and I have relatively few layers, or I'm feeling cautious and I wind up with 50. The former is much more spontaneous and satisfying, but it requires me to believe that I can always repaint something just as well if I mess it up.